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• Double Bachelor degree: German award + British award
Option: postgraduate programme - Master studies in Leadership

Introduction to the management studies at HIMManagement Studies - Aims and Structure

The management studies at HIM have a broad orientation. They do not involve a special focus on certain industry or functional sectors. This generic fundament provides you with diverse career opportunities depending on your specialist interests and aims.

In modules such as Management Accounting or Controlling you will acquire knowledge and skills in your management studies that are highly relevant for your future employment and will enable you to analyse and evaluate business data within and on behalf of companies. Thus you learn to attain and process information as a basis for targeted decisions of the management and discover how to conclude recommendations. Modules such as Project Managementc or Human Resource Management enable you to understand the role the human factor plays in organisations and corporate descision-making. During your management studies at HIM you are not only looking at business and economic questions from a national perspective, but also address the special challenges facing internationally active companies.

Alongside with the mandatory management study modules, from Semester 5 you take additional modules from the other programme pathways of HIM such as Marketing or Event Management.

Communication and language training integrated in the management studies

 The concept of the  management study programme reflects the job requirements in international business outlined above: the curriculum combines management studies with the study of foreign languages and communication which accounts for one third of the overall volume of the programme. Intensive language tuition of the calibre integrated in the management studies at HIM can definitely not be found on other Management courses. In the first year of the programme, you spend no fewer than 15 contact hours per week to deal with communication situations which are typical for professional practice in an international business context. The management study programme incorporates skills such as conversation, business communication  and translation to ensure that the language training meets the demands of your future workplace. You will also study the history, culture and business world of the various language regions.

During your management studies at HIM you choose two foreign languages. English is your first language and you also study Spanish or French. Both languages are offered at different levels to match your previous knowledge. If you have a strong affinity to foreign languages, you may elect a third foreign language to study Spanish, Chinese or Arabic.

Structure of the management studies at HIM

Management Studies - Aims and StructureThe management studies at HIM are designed to enable you to spend Semester 3 at one of our partner universities abroad, providing your academic standing at HIM is good. The credits earned during your semester abroad may be counted towards your degree at HIM subject to consultation with the student support.

During a 4-month work placement phase undertaken at the end of Semester 4, you have the chance to acquaint yourself with the variety of opportunities for career development available after completion of your management studies in different industry and functional sectors. You will benefit from HIM's corporate contacts and can draw upon our database for placement addresses in Germany and in many countries abroad.

At HIM, once you have successfully completed your management studies, you can follow it up with a Master’s in Leadership, which prepares you for progression to managerial positions in international companies

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